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List tools that are used in a workshop Automotive Mechanics

Presses: These are tools of type and use varied, but all serve a general purpose, subject to a work piece while machining operations areperformed.
Clamps: Clamps are manufactured in various shapes and with different types of clamping action. The simple combination of parts or slip joint pliers used for the majority of the workneeded tweezers. The joint slider to open the jaws to hold a work piece larger.

Hammer: Hammers are classified into hard and soft. Hard hammers have the steel head, and the types of hammer forblacksmith or mallets that are made for hammering past. Ball-peen hammer is the most commonly used in mechanics. It has rounded surface at one end of the head, which is used for forms or metal rivets and aflat surface to hit the other.

Wrench: It makes a variety of wrench to different uses, such as for turning screw bolts and square or hexagonal.

Screwdrivers: The two types most commonly usedscrewdrivers are the standard or regular and Phillips both manufactured in various sizes and various styles, straight, with stilt and displaced mouth.

Hydraulic jacks: Multi-Function Tool poweredhydraulic systems serves to make lifting heavy weight, they also serve to restore (pull) certain automotive components.

Files: These are items used for polishing or grinding settle certain engine parts,its function is going to depend on the type of tooth that they have and which is material to use.

Stethoscope: An instrument of great usefulness of auscultation in the detection of sounds within thevarious operating systems in vehicles.

Compress: precision element serves to measure capacity with compression cylinders or other elements that run through hydraulic and pneumatic principles, theextent of measurement is pounds.

Drilling: drilling operators are useful in various roles in the restoration (repair) of engines can be used in different ways depending on the accessories that...
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