Heywood internal combustion engines fundamentals

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Hermann Hiereth Peter Prenninger Charging the Internal Combustion Engine Powertrain


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Supercharging the reciprocating piston internal combustion engine is as old as the engine itself. Early on, it was used to improve the high-altitude performance of aircraftengines and later to increase the short-term peak performance in sporty or very expensive automobiles. It took nearly 30 years until it reached economic importance in the form of the efficiency-improving exhaust gas turbocharging of slow- and medium-speed diesel engines. It took 30 more years until it entered high-volume automotive engine production, in the form of both mechanically drivendisplacement compressors and modern exhaust gas turbocharging systems. Since, in spite of promising alternative developments for mobile applications, the internal combustion engine will remain dominant for the foreseeable future, its further development is essential. Today many demands are placed on automobile engines: on the one hand, consumers insist on extreme efficiency, and on the other hand lawsestablish strict standards for, e.g., noise and exhaust gas emissions. It would be extremely difficult for an internal combustion engine to meet these demands without the advantages afforded by supercharging. The purpose of this book is to facilitate a better understanding of the characteristics of superchargers in respect to their physical operating principles, as well as their interaction with pistonengines. This applies both to the displacement compressor and to exhaust gas turbocharging systems, which often are very complex. It is not intended to cover the layout, calculation, and design of supercharging equipment as such – this special area is reserved for the pertinent technical literature – but to cover those questions which are important for an efficient interaction between engine andsupercharging system, as well as the description of the tools necessary to obtain an optimal engine–supercharger combination. Special emphasis is put on an understandable depiction of the interrelationships in as simple a form as possible, as well as on the description and exemplified in-depth discussion of modern supercharging system development processes. As far as possible, the principal...
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