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The verb to be - exercise

Chose the correct form of the verb to be - am/is/are.
Principio del formulario
1. It cold today.
2. I at homenow.
3. They Korean.
4. There a pen on the desk.
5. My name Nikita.
6. We from Ukraine.
7. That right.
8. I OK, thanks.
9. Clara and Steve married.
10. She an Englishteacher.

Exercise 2
Completa los recuadros con las conjugaciones correctas del verbo TO BE.
Principio del formulario
1. My name James.
2.Mary the secretary.
3. John and Lucy at school.
4. I a student.
5. The boys in the garden.
6. He a lawyer.
7. Susie a housewife.
8. She a student.
9. They my friends.
10. You a student.-------------------------------------------------
Principio del formulario
1. She in the house.

2. The dog and the cat in the garden.

3. The woman behind a tree.

4. I Kevin.

5. Caroland I friends.

6. It black.

7. My name Bob.

8. They nice girls.

9. The children in the shop.

10. He a teacher.

11. We hungry.

12. Mrs Dixon funny and nice.

13. I twelve yearsold.

14. Jim and Cathy at school.

15. The elephants tired.

Simple Present

En este ejercicio podrás practicar el uso correcto de los verbos. Lee atentamente las oraciones y completa losrecuadros con las formas correctas de los verbos que se encuentran entre paréntesis.
Principio del formulario
I work in a big office with twenty otherpeople. We (spend) all the day together. I (like) most of them except for Neil.
Every day he (spend) one hour talking about his holidays. He (go) to Germany.

He (spend) a month there, and he(visit) many places. He (rent) a car and he (drive) across the country. Now he (want) to go to some other country.
At 12.30 I usually (go) out for lunch with Helen, the secretary. She (work) from 8am...
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