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To buy a house in brazil because the climate is mas warmly
To buy a car of the year

To remodel my house because I do not like

To travel all over the world for to know your cultures
To  adonation  for the burnt children
To pay the account of my cards of credit

Hello friend Sandra
I want to say to him  that on Tuesday it should earn the lottery and pense in doing many things, buyingto the medicines of my mother who so many needs, also he will pay my cards of credit, despues will travel to Brazil to buy the house that always my sister wanted, also it  will remodel my house andwill buy me the car that always I wanted, and finalnete will travel in the whole world and of the step it  will visit  a time will happen to him with tigo. as that we are in one month in the park of ourwings of the first infancy 4:30 as always.

PD : I confiramare the day depsues: I love Him very much my dear friend never forgets him 


Clownlike, happiest on yourhands,
Feet to the stars, and moon-skulled,
Gilled like a fish. A common-sense
Thumbs-down on the dodo's mode.
Wrapped up in yourself like a spool,
Trawling your dark as owls do.
Mute as a turnipfrom the Fourth
Of July to All Fools' Day,
O high-riser, my little loaf.
Vague as fog and looked for like mail.
Farther off than Australia.
Bent-backed Atlas, our traveled prawn.
Snug as a budand at home
Like a sprat in a pickle jug.
A creel of eels, all ripples.
Jumpy as a Mexican bean.
Right, like a well-done sum.
A clean slate, with your own face on.

Sylvia Plath

Parecido a unpayaso, el más feliz sobre sus manos, Pies a las estrellas, y luna-skulled, Gilled como un pescado. Un sentido común Señal de desaprobación sobre el modo del vejestorio.
Envuelto en usted como uncarrete, Pescando al arrastre su oscuro como los búhos hacen.
Mudo como un nabo del cuarto de julio al Día de Todos los Tontos, contrahuella alta de O, mi pequeño pan.
Vago como niebla y buscado...
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