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One Summer in My Grandmother’s House

Robert is 16 years old. He is a student at Passaic High School. He likes to play baseball. He is tall, hiseyes are black and he also has blond hair.

One summer Robert went on vacation to his grandmother’s house that was the first time he visited herhouse. His grandmother lives in a very poor small town. This small town is very dirty and full of garbage. Robert not being used to that got very scaredwhen he got there because his grandmother house was the only house in the area. But his grandmother was nice and showed him around the house. At firsthe thought he was going to sleep with his grandmother but she told him that he was going to sleep alone but next door to her room.

During the dayRobert would stay home talking and eating with his grandmother. She would cook him rice with beans and chicken. After they would finish eating theywould go to sleep. But one night while Robert was watching TV he heard strange steps outside his room and he got scared. Robert begin to imagine allkinds of crazy things. Robert imagined that there was a monster under his bed. He had a pretty wild imagination because he loved watching scary movies.After he imagines that there was a monster under his bed he started screaming and went running to his grandmother’s room he said, “grandma, I’mscared”, and his grandmother said: “Don’t worry baby, come sleep with me”. Grandma then decided to tell him a story about spongebob before he slept.
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