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I.-Complete the following with phrasal verbs understanding the context.
1.-I’m really tired of watching T.V. Why don’t you _________it_________?
2.-I have manymagazines and old newspapers, I’ m going to ___________them______
3.-It’s very cold today ______________your sweater______________
4.-She failed her exam so she has ______________ it ____________two times5.- My father sent his T.V. to be repaired and they ____________it______ two days later
6.-When I was walking in the street when I turned left I__________ __________my friend Luis.
7.- My friendCharly got low grades when he started Collage but he _________________ trying and finally got better
8.-My girlfriend was very sick last week fortunately she ___________________very soon.
9.- Mynephews were __________________ by two baby- sisters
10.-Silvia’s neighbours don’t ______________ very well with her parents and they have many problems
II.- Use the correct phrasal verb
1.-When mymother was in the hospital my father motivated her with postcards and some flowers
2.-Luis resembles a lot to his father but his character is like his mother

3.-We long to have a beautiful house and a nice car in fiveyears
4.-When I have problems I always count on my parents to resolve them_________________________________________________________________________
5.-He quit smoking last month I hope he can resist
III.-Make five examples with the...
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