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Ser & Estar
A. Uses of ser
* Spanish has two verbs that are equivalent to the English to be: ser and estar. Both verbs are irregular in the present tense. Both have –oy in the yoform, like ir (voy)
Ser | |
Soy | Somos |
Eres | Sois |
es | son |

Estar | |
Estoy | Estamos |
Estás | Estáis |
Está | Están |
* Ser is used before most phrases beginning with de;for example, in expressing origin:
* Soy de los Estados Unidos. I’m from the United States.
* And possession
* La cartera es de Felipe. The wallet is Phillip’s.
* And whatmaterial something is made of:
* La blusa es de seda. The blouse is (made of) silk.
* Ser is used before adjectives to indicate that the condition expressed by the adjectives does not resultfrom a change. Thus, these adjectives express inherent qualities and characteristics such as nationality, age, physical, and moral attributes, personality, religion, and color:
* Mis amigas sonespañolas. My friends are Spanish.
* El presidente es joven. The president is young.
* Carlos es alto y rubio. Carlos is tall and blond.
* Nora es inteligente. Nora isintelligent.
* Mis primos son graciosos. My cousins are witty.
* Ser is used to link two nouns or pronouns or a noun and a pronoun. Both nouns and pronouns may appear in the sentence or merely beunderstood. Unlike English, Spanish omits the indefinite article un/una with a profession:
* El señor Lara es arquitecto. Mr. Lara is an architect.
* Pilar Suárez es médica. PilarSuárez is a doctor.
* Somos ingenieros. We’re engineers.
* Ser is used to express times, dates, days of the week, and where an event takes place:
* ¿Qué hora es? What time is it?* Son las ocho. It’s eight o’clock.
* ¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy? What’s today’s date?
* Es el sais de octubre. It’s October 6th.
B. The uses of estar
* Estar is used to...
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