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The first thing we are going to want to do is install the Android SDK on our computers. Android.com has made this easier for use by offering Windows users an executable file to download and run.After we have downloaded the application we are going to need to locate it. After it has been located we will double click on the executable and the first screen should appear. Below are some screen shotsof the options I chose while walking through the install:

After this installation has been completed we can now proceed to start up NetBeans. After NetBeans is open we are going to click on themenu bar and go to Options -> Plugins. This screen is used for adding plugins that can improve the IDE itself or help the way you code. In this instance we are wanting to add the Plugin nAndroid sowe can start developing some Android applications in NetBeans. This is the first screen you will be presented with when the plugins option is chosen:

We want to navigate to the settings tab where wewill want to go to the Add button and click it. We will be presented with a screen to add the name of the new plugin and the source of the plugin. At the end of this the screen should look somethingalong the lines of this:

We can then proceed to check the box that says Check for Updates Automatically. This is so we don’t have to manually search for an update when there is one. After that iscomplete we can press OK and see that the plugin has been added to the list but not installed yet. For that to happen we need to click on the tab that says “Available Plugins“. After we are there wecan utilize the search box on the right hand side by typing “Android” into it. It should bring up four options of which we will only need two. These two will be “Android” and “Android Test Runner ForNetBeans 7” as that is the version of NetBeans we are using. After that the following screen shots will go through the install of the product with you after you press the install button:

After this...
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