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A) Say if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1- Jack got a tattoo to show he was as brave as his friend Tony. __TRUE____
2- Some people wearspecial clothes to show they belong to a group. _TRUE_____
3- Some musicians wear tattoos so that people know what instrument they play. __FALSE____

B) Choose the correctalternative: a), b), c) or d).

4- As a result of media images of tattoos
a) More and more people want to have expensive cars.
b) People are influenced by ideas of wealth,success and status.
c) Fashion designers choose only models who wear tattoos.
d) Sports stars get tattoos to appear in magazines.

5- People get tattoos most often becausea) They want to be part of a group.
b) Wearing a tattoo is fashionable.
c) They don’t mind the blood and the pain.
d) Of their friends, the media or the need toexpress themselves.

6- The purpose of the article is
a) To explain why people decide to get a tattoo.
b) To describe Jack’s experience with his leg tattoo.
c) Topersuade people not to get a tattoo.
d) To help people to express themselves.

C) Would you get a Tattoo?

Nowdays people are awfully influenced by the media, notonly young people , old people are influenced by the media too

In my opinion I would never get a tattoo because I have to respect my body and I don’t let me to be influenced forother because I have a strong personality and I don’t want to damaged my body with that kind of things.

However, I wonder why people want to be like the others, I wonder why ifthey know that tattoed will hurt them even so they do just, because they don’t have enough personality

I respect people whose get a tattoo , but I would never in life get one
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