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TheMind Human Being

It considered following it: it would participate of a scientific experience, in which would be made a small cut in its pulse, the sufficient to drip
its blood until finishes finaldrop. It would have a possibility to survive, case
the blood coagulasse. If this happened, it would be freed, case
the opposite, it would go to falecer for the loss of the blood, however, it wouldhave a death without
suffering and without pain.

The convict accepted, therefore he was preferable of what dying in electric chair estill it would have a possibility to survive. The convict wasplaced in a high bed, of these of hospitals and had moored its body so that he did not move himself. They had made a small cut in its pulse. Below of the pulse, a small aluminum canister was placed. Itwas said who would hear dripping of its blood in the canister. The cut was superficial
e did not reach no artery or vein, but it was the sufficient so that it
it felt that its pulse is cut....
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