Holden’s lack of love, companionship and insecurity.

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Holden’s lack of love, companionship and insecurity.

Holden’s red hunting hat in the novel “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger represents his insecurity, he shows this because every timehe goes out or meets someone he puts it on, mentioning that he’s putting it on, is a way of hiding himself, it is also a way to represent his need of isolation from the world, the way he wants to bedifferent.

When he is leaving Pencey Prep, he starts crying and he puts his red hunting hat on. In this part of the story he is figuring out that he can not stay in a school for a long time. Hestarts crying, this shows that he is not well emotionally, and feels lonely. After this he puts his hunting hat to feel safe, hiding his feelings and problems of isolation.

After he leavesErnie’s, he takes his hunting hat out because he is very cold, but he says that he doesn’t give a damn how looked, he mentions this because he subconsciously cares what people think about him, by thisinsecurity, self esteem and isolation from society is shown.

When Holden is with Phoebe in their house, before Holden leaves, he gives his hunting hat to her, the hunting hat is one of the few of hismeaningful possessions, Phoebe is the only character presented that he actually loves, the hunting hat represents his isolation and when he is with Phoebe he doesn’t feel isolated nor insecure so hegives it to her.

When Phoebe and Holden are by the carrousel, Phoebe forgives Holden and gives him a kiss. It starts raining which represents happiness. Phoebe takes his hunting hat from hispocket and puts it on his head. He mentions that it gave him protection, this represents that he has accepted that he needs love, security and companionship and Phoebe is the only one that has made thathappen.

Every time Holden is around people, leaving a place and depressed he puts his red hunting hat on, these different attitudes through out the book show his insecurity, lack of love and...
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