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Activity 108
Mixed Tenses Conditionals
City of Angels

A. Watch the movie segment and read the sentences below. They describe what happened in the segment. Then fill in the blanks with thecorrect verb tense of the verb in parentheses. Pay attention to whether the consequences have a past or present result and if you will use affirmative or negative forms to make sense. These are hypotheticalsituations with different mixed time frames.

|The doctor operated on the patient. |She had to give the family the bad news. |
|If the doctor_____hadn’t operated_______ ( operate) on the patient, she _____wouldn’t have had_______ (have) to give the family |
|the bad news.|

|The family didn't expect to lose him on the operating table. |They are suffering a lot now. |
|If thefamily _____had expected_____ (expect) to lose him on the operating table, they _____wouldn’t be_____ (be) suffering so |
|much now.|

|The doctor had to give the family the bad news. |She fell apart. |
|Ifthe doctor ____hadn’t had______ (have) to give the family such bad news, She ____wouldn’t have fallen_____ (fall) apart. |

|She didn't massage the patient long enough.|She regrets it now. |
|If she _______had massaged________ (massage) the patient longer, she ____wouldn’t regret_____ (regret) it now. |5.
|She couldn't see an angel comforting her. |She didn't have the chance to open up her heart to him. |
|If she _____had seen________ (see) an angel comforting...
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