Human physiology lab final

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Quiz #2: Tutorial (2-point discrimination)
• List one of the safety instructions for the experiment today: Press gently during the 2-point discrimination test
• The size of the receptive field varies inversely with the receptor density. TRUE
• When testing the 2-point discrimination, move from points that are further apart to points that are closer together. TRUE
• Afferent neurons relayinformation from the surface of the body to the central nervous system through the Somatosensory pathway.
• In case of K+, the electrostatic and concentration gradients work against each other.
• In the case of Na+, it wants to move along the electrostatic and concentration gradients.
• List one body part being tested in this experiment: tip of index finger.
• A membrane potential is produced bythree factors, list two. (Sodium/potassium pumps, and the permeability of a membrane to potassium rather than to sodium)
Quiz #3: Special Senses
• In the taste lab you will be testing the taste intensity and calculating the density of the Papillae
• Taste buds are located on the epithelium of the tongue.
• T or False. The Brain is necessary for a reflex to be performed. False.
• Give anExample of a Simple Reflex. A knee Jerk Reflex
• Taste pairs with Smell to create the perception of flavor.
• In a myotatic reflex, the circuitry is confined to the spinal cord. True
• If a motor response is initiated, it usually involves a series of Action Potentials which produce a muscle contraction.
• List two taste strips: PTC and control
• What are two of the responses measured in the labtoday? visual and auditory
Quiz #4: Excitable Tissues
• The strength of a striated muscle contraction is inversely proportional to the amount of the electrical activity in the muscle. False
• This experiment will measure grip Hand Strength and Rate of Fatigue in dominant and non-dominant hands.
• Subjects should remove all ¬Jewelry from their wrists.
• The Electromyogram recorded during themuscle contraction is seen as a burst of spike-like signals.
• The presynaptic terminals of motor neurons have a high concentration of vesicles containing ACH.
• The Influx of what ion causes the depolarization of the membrane of muscle fiber? Na+
• Skeletal muscles have specialized receptors which convey information about muscle Length, Tension and Pressure to the CNS.
• Motor Neurons use ACH totransmit nerve impulses across the synapse to the muscle fibers.
• Intrafusal fibers are innervated by Gamma Motor Neurons.
• Muscle Spindles contain a small bundle of intrafusal fibers which regulate the excitability of the sensory afferent spindle nerves by mechanically deforming the receptors.
• The Synapse between a motor neuron and a muscle fiber is known as the Neuromuscular junction.
•An increase in the level of intracellular calcium acts as a trigger for contraction.

• A Skeletal Muscle is composed of a motor neuron and all the fibers that I innervates.
Quiz #5: Cardio 1
• Blood enters the heart at a Low pressure and leaves the heart at a High pressure.
• The semilunar valves open when ventricular pressure is greater than the arterial pressure. True
• A drop of 50beats in the first minute indicates excellent fitness, while a Drop in 30 beats indicates poor fitness.
• The “Lub” sound occurs during the early phase of ventricular contraction and is produced by the closing of the AV Vales.
• In this lab you will record the ECG from a subject and listen to the heart sounds.
• In the lab, you will test Heart Rate as a measure of fitness.
• The blood flows in acontinuous manner when leaving the arterial system. True
• During exercise there is an increased demand for Oxygen in the muscles.
• The action potential spreads slowly through the AV node the rapidly though the Bundle of His and Perkinje Fibers to excite both ventricles.
• The time from resting to maximum heart rate is a good indicator of fitness. False
Quiz #6: Cardio 2
• The pressure in...
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