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Words at Work
Words from the Text

^ Match an adjective in I with a suitable noun in II. Make as many different logical combinatk can. Use the pictures to help you.
Example:powerful car$
powerful-^ . o^ people
violenté "^ restauran!
friendly emotions
cheap cars
amazing fíat
huge city
lonely xí^ pub
frightening choice
foreign. food
B' Now write three sentences with the word combinations you have made. Example: There's a huge choice of cheap food at the foreign restauratit.
C Replaceeach phrase in bold with one of the following expressions.
ups and downs j pienty of ¡ on the whole \ share a fíat ¡ get to know
^^^•^^jU '<. \V^€_L/\\3- *
1. There are a lot of discos in the centre of town.-p ^VXA£TVC\-Y p¡^_ VST c^í\
2. In general, young people like travelling.
3. They live together in a big apartment building.
4. It isn't always easy to make friends with people in a new place.
5.You can expect to have good and bad times when you live abroad.

We use gerunds after certa'm verbs, after preposítions, after expressions and as the subject ofsentences.
• I enjoy swimmmg. • We look forward to visiting you.
• l'm good at drawíng. • Smoking ¡s bad for your health.
Grammar Appendü
Rearrange thewords to make logical sentences.
1. dislike /1 / early / getting up /.
2. is / swimming / favourite / his / sport /.
3. are used to / their / cleaning / they / room / own /.4. really / boyfriend / cooking / is / good at / my /.
5. she / thinking / about / can't / him / help /.
6. exciting / living / country / a / is / foreign / in /.
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