Illicit drugs

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Task 1
I am from Colombia which is one of the countries with highest production and distribution of illegal drugs worldwide since the 60’s and 70’s. Therefore this topic has a veryclose connection to me and the society I grew up with. From my own experiences, I found the effects of illegal drugs and its market exhibit high levels of violence. Its production also affects theeducation environment which is damage through deforestation caused by clearing fields for plant cultivation and chemical pollution and decreases the country’s economy. However the few positive outcomes fromthe manufactures of illegal drugs include temporarily providing a job for a family struggling financially. The producers of these drugs commit more crime than the one who are consuming it.Question 2
People get involved in this type of criminal activities for diverse reasons such as peer pressure, curiosity and the desire to escape from personal difficulties. One of the biggest challenge anddesire for the cocaine producers in Colombia is to become a drug lord or drug baron. Such figures are often difficult to bring to justice, as they might never be directly in possession of somethingillegal. The drugs lords are in constant use of informants. Obtaining the drug lord title, obviously gives them wealth and power of drug trafficking. In addition the drug dealers with high recognitionand power consider themselves as untouchable and therefore they think they have the right to commit high levels of crime for pleasure and revenge on unpaid merchandise “cocaine” among their groups. Alow percentage of young people tend to engage in illegal drugs and become informants. Drug dealing is prohibited but at the same time it can be classified as trendy and easy way to obtain a lot ofmoney in a very short period of time. This action also gives them recognition and superiority from the rest of the society. Some young people are encourage to join groups of traffickers to have new and...
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