In the journey of this life i've learned

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In the journey of my life I have learned that:

There are only two kinds of behaviour in life: those which will dignify and those which degradeyou as a human being. And you have the power to decide which one you take.

I have learned that if you say "I can", there is no force in the world that will stop you from fighting, from giving yourlife and blood for it. If you say "I can’t", you may not even try. Your achievements and failures are just the consequences of your attitude.

I learned that frustration is nothing but the prelude toa hard-won goal, a path taken and only the steepest stretch away from the summit. Only the one who fights becomes frustrated, and everyone who reaches the top has tasted the honey and the bitternessof the hard climbing.

I have learned that ... the path is the witness. Ask “the way” how many times it has seen a man stand up, and it will give you the answer to the enigma: What is a man worth?I've learned that you can meet men who are loved and praised by crowds, but these same people will only feel their greatness when looking inside themselves and find their conscience surrounded bynoble works.

In this life I have learned that one single pain shared with others creates stronger bonds than all the joy piled up throughout history.

I have learned that if all my fears andworries had happened, it would have taken a thousand lives to suffer them and millions of men to endure them.
I've learned that no one but me should decide how I feel; let alone those who ( holding me inlow esteem) insult , slander or call my entire self into question.

I've learned that when I want to please everybody, I end up pleasing no one, including myself.

I learned that if you wantjustice for a man you must speak only about his actions, because they are his real assets. His reputation or “identity” is more up to the others.

I have learned that ... If I saw the story of my whole...
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