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Las Vegas, Nevada is a city full of magical lights, right in the middle of the desert.

It's located in the southern part of Nevada, just across the border from California, Arizona and Utah.

LasVegas has grown from a small desert railroad stop of 30,500 (?) people in the 1920s to a desert playground of more than one million people.

The center of Las Vegas is designed for tourists. Nearly30 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year. This is a clean city with many magical places.

That looks like the Eiffel Tower. Is that the Arc de Triomphe?

Dress is casual in Las Vegas, butthe weather is very seasonal.

Hotels, hotels, hotels. The biggest hotels in the world are in Las Vegas. There are more than 100,000 hotel rooms in the city. Most of the hotels are beautiful with biglobbies. Many of the hotels have "themes" -- there's the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino with canals like those in Venice, Italy. New York, New York is a small version of the famous city with skyscrapersand even the Statue of Liberty.

The Golden Nugget was one of the first hotel/casinos in Las Vegas. It opened in 1946 as the biggest and brightest spot in Downtown Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget isalso famous because of the very large gold nuggets in the lobby. One weighs more than 61 pounds!

Gambling was made legal in 1931 and it quickly became the economic engine for Las Vegas. More than 16billion dollars are spent each year by the tourist and gamblers who visit the city.

Although the clothing of gamblers today is less formal than it was in these old pictures, the games have notchanged very much.

Vegas Vic stands on Fremont Street, at one end of Glitter Gulch in downtown Las Vegas. He is 50 feet tall and has hundreds of neon lights. Most of the action in Las Vegas todaytakes place on the Strip, not Fremont Street.

Beginning in 1955 the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip got more and more elegant and bigger. The Tropicana and Caesar's Palace were two of the first hotels...
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