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Ibarra Ecuador
Ecuador Ibarra is the capital of the Province of Imbabura.
Known as the White City, is located on a wide and green valley, at the foot of Imbabura volcano, two hours north ofQuito
It was named after Miguel de Ibarra, who founded this city in 1606 on behalf of the Spanish Crown. After the earthquake of 1868, it was rebuilt and re-founded in 1872.

Ecuador Ibarra is alsoa melting pot of a variety of this country's Cultures and Races that enrich and make of this province unique, with a spring like weather all year.
In Ibarra there are lot of places to visit, such asparks, churches, museums, traditional sites, lakes and hills.
The Popular “Esquina del Coco” (coconut’s corner)
The downtown of the city still conserves the beautiful architecture of theSpanish Colonial Churches and houses.
Ibarra Historical Building

Caranqui is a place with special history and tradition from pre-Inca times.
The town of San Antonio stands out for its amazingand diverse wood carvings. La Esperanza, for its delicate embroidery.
The villages of Alpargata, for its typical food. La Campiña and El Tejar, for its weaving industry.
Yahuarcocha Lake
[pic]Yahuarcocha, for its foliage and its recreation areas that border the lake.
La Florida and Chorlaví, for their fertile ground and colorful valleys.
Paseo Bolívar, a legendary place, in the precipicethat overlooks the Tahuando river.

Some Traditional Colonial Churches in Ecuador Ibarra are:


|[pic][pic][pic] |

• La Catedral, Roman style
• SanAgustín, built with mud and tile
• La Merced, Roman style, built at the beginning of the 19th Century
• Santo Domingo, Dominican community, built at the time of Ibarra's foundation
• SanFrancisco, very attractive with its façade made of laja stone
• Basílica La Dolorosa, neo-Roman inspiration
• Capilla San Diego, with a façade made of stone blocks, and its major attraction...
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