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1. Make a brief presentation and update personal profile within the course. For this you enter the link "Participantes" (Strip left), click on your name, click on Edit and finally click on update personal information.

2. Explore the different links and tools that this course offers you and answer the following questions.

2.1 In the Virtual Campus you can find some private information thatyour English tutor sends you, what is the link you can see that information?

Answer: The link that is used for the tutor to find private information of student the option of internal email messages.

2.2 If you want to record your voice and send an audio, you should download a tool, what is it?

Answer: The tool used to send an audio message is. Sv Recorder:

2.3. What is the link toknow the grades in your academic process?

Answer: The link to know the grades in the academic process is the link CALIFICACIONES located in ADMINISTRATION.

2.4. There is a link that gives information about dates and score of activities, what is it?

Answer: The link to know information about dates and score of activities is AGENDA DEL CURSO (Cronograma de Actividades).

2.5. Which is theprocess to update your profile in the virtual course?

Answer: To update the profile must first be placed in the top right window where the name of the student, must double click, will open a window with the current data of the person, you must enter EDITAR INFORMACION, changes are made necessary and then proceeds to give the option to ACTUALIZAR INFORMACION PERSONAL.

2.6. Where can you readimportant information about the course?

Answer: important information about the course can be found in the link PROTOCOLO ACADEMICO DEL CURSO.

2.7. Where can you see your collaborative group?

Answer: The group collaborative can be found in the link PARTICIPANTES located in the window PERSONAS.

3. Review the online content and answer the following questions:

3.1. In the OnlineContents you can find all the units, if you look at them, how many units are there?

Answer: The course has 15 units.

3.2. Make a concept map about the different themes thats are developed in each of the units of the online content.

3.3. Describe the proposed training intentions in the academic protocol. (Intencionalidades Formativas del Protocolo Académico)

• Present basic contentsand day under a communicative approach that combines the skill of a solid instructional design to effective implementation of technological resources, which facilitate the student's development of self-learning process of English as a foreign language.

• Train students for real communication (not only in the oral competition, but also in writing) with other speakers of the LE, with thispurpose in the instructional process used texts, recordings and authentic materials and activities are conducted seek to mimic reality faithfully outside the classroom.

• Have the student identify basic issues of foreign language allows us to perform in different contexts.

• The student develops a self-learning of English as foreign language skills in different communicative purposes.

• Thestudent knows and use appropriate resources and activities offered by the course, distinguishing what are the most appropriate in each learning situation.

• The student can understand texts, reading and writing in different disciplines, identifying main ideas.

• That the student is properly the activities proposed in the course through the Tic.

• Have the student identify, differentiate andapply the various issues discussed in the thematic content in academic, professional and personal.

• The student will communicate in English using grammatical elements of language in social context.


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