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Dow Chemical Company
Business-enabling Polyurethane Systems

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New Generation of Water Blown Rigid PU Foams using blowing agents with Zero ODP and Low GWP.
• Ing. Fabian Negretti • Responsable de Servicio Técnico & Desarrollo

• Poliuretanos - Región Sur LAA
Mesa redonda sobre tecnologías alternativas al HCFC141b – Santiago de Chile –Julio 2012

• Introduction
• • • •• The Dow Chemical Dow Polyurethane Formulated System Business Polyurethane Market What is Polyurethane

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Blowing Agents Transition Cold Chain Water Blown PU System Gen 2 Experimental Data Summary and Conclusions

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Dow Polyurethanes: An Industry Leader

• World’s largest producer of propylene oxide, propylene glycol and polyether polyols
• A leading producer of aromaticisocyanates

• True Global Reach: Expansive, global network of world-scale integrated assets with low cost-to-serve positions
• 27 global manufacturing facilities • 29 systems houses • Present in 28 countries around the globe

• Full backward integration to feedstocks
• Backed by the strength, scale and resources of global Dow

• More than 60 years experience in polyurethane technology •On-going investment in market-focused and customer-centric technologies and process optimization
September 2011 4

Primary Polyurethane Markets






September 2011


Formulated Systems Businesses and Technologies
Polyurethane Rigid Foams AlternativeEnergy and Composites Polyurethane Flexible Foams Polyurethane Microcellular/ IS Foams Polyurethane Casting Polyurethane Adhesives Polyurethane Composites Epoxy Casting and Adhesives Epoxy Composites

Energy Efficiency
Industrial Casting and Adhesives Infrastructure Life Preservation Leisure and Lifestyle Appliances Automotive Building and Construction


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Polyurethanefor Energy Efficiency Solutions

Polyurethane is a versatile polymeric material used in a variety of applications, with a range of density and mechanical properties; among the others... • Rigid foams
• Building industry (boards, metal faced sandwich panels, in-situ spray applications) • Cold chain (refrigerated transport, refrigerated warehouses, supermarket display counters, domesticfridges/freezers) • Water heaters • Pre-insulated pipes (district heating/cooling and oil and gas).

• Elastomeric polyurethane
• Wet insulation for subsea pipelines • Adhesives for insulated panels

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What is Polyurethane

source: UNEP

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What is a Rigid Foam
From the Glossary of Urethane Industry Terms • Those foam products having a firm stiff behavior • Exceed their elasticlimits with deformations higher than 10% Rigid PU foam is a highly cross-linked, cellular insulating construction material of low density • Usually it is closed cell • The cell structure comes from expansion of a chemical or phisycal blowing agent Typically they are used for • Thermal insulation • Buoyancy • Packaging • Furniture • Equipment housing

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With or Without bubbles

Page 10 What is a Blowing Agents
• Definition:
• The substance that causes the polyurethane foam to expand lead to a cellular structure. This can be done by either chemical reaction and/or physical evaporation, facilitated by the heat of reaction

• e.g. Water is a chemical blowing agent:
• Physical blowing agents can be gases or low boiling point liquids (HC, CFC, HCFC, HFC,HFO ...)

• Theblowing agent in the cells has low thermal conductivity and plays a major role in determining the thermal conductivity of the foam.
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Polyurethanes Deliver the Best Insulation

2.5 cm rigid polyurethane 4.0 cm polystyrene 4.5 cm glass fiber 5.0 cm cork 12.0 cm wood 40 cm bricks

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HCFC Phase Out
• The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer stands as...
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