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Unit 10: “Is there a bank near here?”
1 Vocabulary
1. - shoe store
2. - Book store
3. - bank
4. - Music store
5. - Movie theatre6. - Coffee shop
2 complete the sentences
1. - You can usually change Money at a bank
2. - You can usually try some shoes at a shoe store
3. - You can usually buy a book ata book shop
4. - You can usually see a movie at a movie theatre
5. - You can usually have coffee with your friends at a coffee shop
6.-You can usually buy a CD at a music storeLanguage Practice
1.Write sentences
1.-(coffee shop -2) 2.-(bank-1)
There are two coffee shops near herethere is a bank near here
3.-(Internet café -1) 4.-(restuarnte-4)
There’s a internet café near here. They are four restaurants
5.-(movietheatre-1) 6.-(shoe store-3)
There is only one movie theatre. They are three shoe stores near here
2 Complete the sentences
1. - There isn`t a music store aroundhere.
2. -there aren`t any statues in the park.
3. - There isn`t a palace in my town.
4. - They aren`t any museums near here.
5. - They is a park downtown.
3 correct the sentences
1.There`s abank near my house
2.There`s two convenience stores down the street.
3.There`s not a cheap restaurant around here.
4.There aren`t any book stores in my neighborhood.
5.Is there a music storearound here?
6.There`s a shoe store around the corner.
7.There`s a gym across the street.

1.There`s a convenience store around the corner
2. There`s a bookstore next to the convince store.
3.There`s a department store across from the bank.
4. There are two coffee shops on Main Street.
5. There`s a coffee shop near bookstore.

5Complete the question and short answer.
A) Are there...
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