Ingles 2 Portafolio Unidad 4 Uanl

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Escuela Industrial
Álvaro Obregón


Nombre: Oscar Luis Pacheco Osorio

Maestro: Ana Lilia Aldaco Ramírez

Materia: Ingles II


Aula: 132 Grupo: 331

Turno: Vespertino

Talking about the future
Will in the soon?
1. Read and answer the followingquestions.
* Do you know any theories about the ends of the world?
* What do you thing about them?
2. Read the following text.

Sometimes we worry about things that may not happen in ourlifetime, and waste precious time feeling anxiety. This is the case with the end of the world, that many people have predicted, yet nothing has happened. Instead, it is better to concentrate on findingsolutions our current problems, as well as different ways to have a better world.
Nowadays more people are aware of the damage that our planet is enduring. Therefore, many are sending a messageabout how beautiful the Earth is and taking actions to help it.

3. In your opinion, what will be Earth’s major problems in ten years in the following areas:



I. Talking about the future.
I.1 Fun activities
In this activity you will plan activities you can dodepending on the place you are, using the structure “going to”.
1. According to each picture, mention five fun activities you are going to do. Follow the example.

On the beach:
* I am...
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