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Let Us In
There is a popular song called: “El Mojado” (which means the “wetback”) by Ricardo Arjona, the lyrics read, “The mojado wants to dry out, the mojado is wet because of the nostalgic tears; the mojado the undocumented carries things that one with legal documents wouldn’t carry, even if he's forced to do so.” Arjona shows in his song what the undocumented immigrants have to do even ifthey don’t want to do it. Today in our society illegal immigration is very common. The economy in these years is going down in their home countries and the need of these people to support them families is bigger every day. Undocumented just want a better future for them and their children. Undocumented immigrant should be allowed to work or study as a person in the United States who has papers;their contributions help the economy and make better opportunities for everybody.
New immigrations laws started in the 1880’s when the new immigrants came to America to support the economy, working in the fields, picking grapes and all those kind of products. According to American Heritage its states, “Passports weren’t required, and 98 percent of all immigrants to Castle Garden in New York Harborwere admitted” (Lui 1). I think this happened when they
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needed people to work. But now they also need us but they don’t want to admit us as citizens and that cause the racism in this country. In my opinion everyone has to be allowed to be treated as a citizen in this country because we contribute to the economy; all of us, documented and undocumented people pay taxes. In addition,the research says:
Once in the foreign country, illegal immigrants tend to become employed in what is known as "low skilled jobs." In the United States for example, the landscaping and construction sectors tend to be popular with immigrants as there is generally no requirement to be fluent in the English language. Other employment sectors that attract illegal immigrants include restaurants,hospitality, prostitution, agriculture and domestic service. Some argue that illegal immigrants tend to take on the jobs that residents or citizens refuse while others argue that illegal immigrants take away jobs in general. (US Immigration Support 2)
When I look at the history of illegal immigration I start thinking about what kind of lives undocumented have in their home countries to accept to come toUS. Because the US needs us, US’ citizens need illegal people to work in whatever they don’t want to do. Such as in the fields all the persons most who work there undocumented don’t have paper. They work all the day for minimum wage and who say something? I ask to myself what happened if we as illegals don’t come to this country. What happen would to the US or maybe we could made our countries’economies go up.

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In this world, we have many ethnics groups, and languages; even we all look different, because we are different and unique. According to BUZZLE, it states, “The center of immigration studies indicates that 57% of the illegal immigrants are from Mexico, 24% from Latin American nations, 9% from Asia and 6% from Europe. The remaining 4% come from the rest of theworld. There are 22,974,482 illegal aliens in the USA with 586,694 people from nations other than Mexico”. In these days people want to work in the US. But they can’t because they don’t have papers, and we don’t see that they do better job than us.
We always say that undocumented came to take our jobs away and I think we should say undocumented came for the jobs we don’t want such as recollectingfruits in the fields, construction, etc. In addition I read a research from Illegal Immigration Statics, it states “Less than 2% of all illegal immigrants in the US are working crop fields, but 41% are on welfare” (Mauriello 1). In this statistics we looked that every one in this country no matter what undocumented doesn’t pay taxes. They’re still supporting our country taking jobs that...
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