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Uniting the Nations

Running, jumping, leaping and flying, man has always cherished physical expression. Either by war or peaceful competition it has always been the love of mankind to be part ofvigorous revelation. Since his birth man has struggled against impediment to one day overcome past bindings pushing us to the limits for our own victorious achievements. Since we are born we nourishphysical expression and crave for achieving everlasting accomplishments, but when did this all develop into an overall gathering of people, tribes and after even nations. Some say that the first signsof physical community were in early ages when cave men united their abilities to overcome famine and promote survival. Years came and went and men grew in bigger and stronger communities after timepast they started competing amongst each other for power, land, women and everything that made them feel accomplished. As years were to come wars grew until land was fulfilled with physical competitionbut leading to death and hatred. When would all this change? When would all this evolve? It finally came appearing in a land far away in Greece some historian say that the first record of ancientOlympic game was held in the year 776 BC in the city of Olympia in honor to Zeus the Greek God of lightning and King of Gods. After many wars the Greek finally understood that war and hatred only led todeath and oppression and they should find unity amongst them for the greater good, so they created a peaceful competition amongst the people around there nation and this is how after years of growingThe Olympic Games were to come as an opportunity of joining Greek nations in unity, brotherhood and fellowship and as an example of this every nation would promise a truce so as to ensure the safety ofathletes as they travelled through the lands of Greece. Finally man was competing in a peaceful and holy manner dedicating their bodies and achievements to the Gods of Olympus. In my belief this...
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