It's Me.

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Hello! My name is Manuela, I’m seventeen years old. I was born on May 17 1996 in Girardot, I’m an only child, my parents are Angelica yHarold. Right now, I live with my mom, my dad and my grandma. Since six months ago, my grandma is with us ‘cause has been a little sick.
Well, I have many favorite songs, but, there is in special onethat keeps stealing my heart and is “By your side” by Tokio Hotel. It’s so perfect, the lyrics, the melody and the guys who play it, ‘cause they’re my favorite band!
Since I have memory, I've alwaysliked music. I remember the first song I sang was “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion at school, when I was eight. From there, I realized I had two indisputable talents, who was sing and speak verygood the english.
To be honest I haven’t a national team to support, but sometimes I bite my nails when they play Barcelona team and obviously my country Colombia. I like to see in action to James andFalcao from Colombia and to in Barcelona, to Puyol and Messi, they're my favorite players. Since over one month, I’ve been reading “Fue dicho: No desearás la mujer del prójimo” by Evan Hunter. Thisstory is about a infidelity of two adults, who don’t get the attention of their romantic partners. The protagonists are an architect, his wife and the mother of a classmate of his youngest son. It's astory a bit dramatic, but it’s very good ... I'm on page 252 of 379. I'm anxious to know the end.
My favorite writer is Gabriel Garcia Marquez, talking about literature. But I have other favoritewriters on music that are, Alejandro Sanz, Paul McCartney and Elton John. These celebrities have captivated me with their stories, feelings and contexts that place their works…
About my favorite city,there is already about two years ago I fell in love for their art, language and history. That's Paris, the city of love. It’s a city I've eaten in images, songs and historical readings about it. I...
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