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Alcoholism is affecting thousands of people a day and has caused many consequences that are not so easily fixed. The definition of Alcoholism is the persistent use of alcohol thatresults in the need of alcohol to satisfy you. There are many treatments that you can do if you are to overcome Alcoholism. The treatments that have worked for many are:

1. Alcoholics Anonymous-Having a support group with a twelve-step program is always a good idea when you are an alcoholic. The support you get with alcoholics anonymous is worth everything you put into it. If there is nodesire to change the behavior, it is impossible to help you overcome your addiction.

2. Rehab Centers- When you have no success with the programs that alcoholic anonymous offer, there is anotherstep that you can take. Rehab Centers or "Detox" centers help you get rid of the use of alcohol. Granted, alcoholism is never cured unfortunately, but it can be treated. Rehab centers are there when youcannot do it by yourself.

3. Medications- When rehab centers and alcoholics anonymous classes fail, there is always the medicine route. With different medicines helping many people fight off thetemptations of alcohol and the addiction, alcoholism can be treated in this less conventional method. Medications can be prescribed to take off the edge of the need. Similar to smokers who havenicotine gum, alcoholics have Campral. This works by sending signals to the brain to prevent you from drinking.


Aware of the risk involved in driving, Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma distributorestablished a partnership with the state government to establish the "designated driver" aimed primarily at young.

The main object is to reduce the number of auto accidents related to the immoderateconsumption of alcohol.

The idea born in the USA in the 80's "Bacchus and Gamma Peer Education Network”, a nonprofit association that promotes prevention of alcohol-related problems, sex, violence...
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