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For my editors, Lauri Hornik and Liz Waniewski. Lauri, thanks fortrusting me with your baby; Liz, thanks for seeing beyond the awkward, angsty stages of early drafts. You’re both brilliant.

Chapter One
My name is Natalie Rowan. Everyone knows that. Only a select few, however, know I’m the evil genius behind my nom de plume, Dr. Aphrodite. That might seem like a pretty hefty title for a seventeen-year-old junior who’s not even sure she’s officially made itto what my mom refers to as “heavy petting.” (Ew. I know. But my other option’s “third base,” which is suspiciously ’80s, right? Come on, inventors-of-sexualeuphemisms, get on the job!) To be honest, I dig having a secret identity, even if it is kind of a misnomer. I think everyone should have at least a part of them that’s self-invented; in fact, the world would be much more interesting if we allcreated our own identities afresh whenever we felt like it. Otherwise you’re just walking around regurgitating what’s expected, which is like, why bother? I actually plan to mess up my life and start over every seven years. That way, I’ll never get in a rut. I read somewhere that most of your cells only live about seven years anyway, so in theory you literally are a new person; I figure that’s thebest time to start over. I created Dr. Aphrodite when I started writing our school paper’s relationship column last year. It’s mostly a Dear Abby type deal, where people write in with questions about love or sex or whatever and I answer them. Occasionally I sound off blog-style on some current obsession of mine—as long as I can get it past our semi-fascist censors and it’s relationship-oriented,you’ll see it in my column. I’ve covered topics like Promnesia (when perfectly sane people forget about everything except spray tans, strapless dresses, and dyed-to-match pumps), Brazilaphobia (fear of overly zealous hair removal), and Face Relations (getting it on with people via Facebook). Just so you know, being Dr. Aphrodite isn’t always easy. I have to guard my clandestine writing life so...
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