Jim carry

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Jim Carry

Jim Carry is a great actor, performer and comedian, he is known for being one of the best comedians in the world of movies, He borned in Ontario on January of 62 , he was the youngestof his three brothers,
since kid he was a terribly extrovert, he had a passion for perfomance, and by that he was cataloged as class clown, and nomatter what, he always managed to get to perfom atthe end of the school year.

At the age of 14, he tried for the first time, stand up, in a comedy club named yuk yuk, of wich´s stage, he was booed of.
In the 77 his father lost his job and theCarry´s moved to a farm house, so the father could have a job as nightwatch in a factory, and the kids often worked nights cleaning the building, his mother felt ill, and Jim used his growing skills incomedy, to give her laughs.
His father was forced to leave the job so, the family, had to live in a bw bus, but, things got better, and in 79, they could find their way back to toronto, that year at17, he bravely, get back on the stage to claim the applaud of the public, wich he indeed got .

He became a hit in the torontos comedy circuit, so, in a rush of blood to the head he flyed to LosAngeles, in where he started giving free comedy acts to polish his art, he filled a check for 1000000000 dollars wishing for the day he could claim it.
All his polishing paid of when the comedian,Rodney Dangerfield booked him for a season opening his own show. It wasnt long since hollywood spotted him so in the 82 he appeared in a tv stand up show

Soon after that, he began to feel that theloung perfomane was boxing him, so he then started to look up to tv and film. He started doing minor roles, but, a fellow actor, Damon Dangerfield, convinced his brother to includ him in a sketch showthat they were producing.
After the succes he reinvented himself to become a tv star.
4years later he reinvented himself again , but this time to became ace ventura , a lovely character that...
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