Tratamiento para trampas de grasas y septicos

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Through research and development, has been developed a revolutionary product, . It is changing how the wastewater industry handles BOD/COD, sludge, compost accelerations, odor, and other problems that wastewater plants deal with on a daily basis. B-Magic is an all-natural botanical blend that is non toxic, environmentally safe, and meets or exceeds federal, state, and local government standards.has proven to be effective in countless wastewater treatment facilities across the southeast handling both domestic and industrial wastewater. It is also being used in lift stations, high pressure sewer cleaning equipment, compost accelerations and landfill applications. B-Magic has also proven to be more economical in wastewater treatment than conventional chemicals, bacteria/enzymes andphysical treatments.

Wastewater Problems
For many years, governments and industries throughout the country have used chemical & bacteria/enzyme products for treatments in their facilities with little or no success. Bacteria/enzyme products are quick and short term fixes only. Regardless of the bacteria or enzyme count, 28 million or 550 billion, they cannot fight off the buildup of sludge, oils,and harsh chemicals to prevent scum formation and odor. Therefore, they are almost always in a non productive stage. That is why these products have to be introduced in such large costly quantities.

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The Solution
Rather than just pouring in enormous amounts of products to get sufficient results, B-Magic is the solution! It is a multiblend of bio-cultures and botanical products B-Magic strengthens the existing bacteria which allows it to build up a resistant to harsh conditions. By having a resistance, the bacteria is constantly feeding and breaking down organic matter at many times its normal rate. It reproduces more efficient and productive enzymes which improves the overall treatment system.

By using
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on a dailybasis, the following will occur:
Begins to activate existing bacteria immediately and reduces BOD/COD and overall sludge volume in clarifiers and lagoons A minimum reduction of odor from 85% to 100% in wastewater facilities, lift stations, holding ponds and landfill applications by reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide Reduces sludge up to 20% - 35% in aerobic/anaerobic digesters in 30 days Removalof oil deposits and scum formation in holding tanks, sewers, drains, and aeration basins resulting in less odor Prevent ponding, blocking, and possible collapse of filter bed media Effluent quality is improved Resistant to many chemical shocks and reduces recovery time

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2357 W 80 ST BAY 3HIALEAH,FL 33016 PHONE (305)818 7071

Odor Treatment
With , there is a significant reductionof obnoxious odors, and employee and public relations nightmares.

can reduce odors by a minimum of 85% or even eliminate them completely. It also has been successful in eliminating manure odors, noxious gasses and other offensive odors B-Magic is effective in lift stations, treatment facilities, or other holding areas. B-Magic has also been instrumental in changing how cities and businessesapproach land applications.

High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Equipment
is currently being used in several cities across Mexico as a degreaser in sewer cleaning equipment. By using B-Magic, it breaks down buildup on the walls and eliminate hydrogen sulfide. It also leaves behind wetting agents that continue to break down and digest the grease long after the cleaning has been completed.

is a super accelerant of the decomposition process. It aids in the process by increasing growth and strengthening present active microbes. By strengthening the microbes they can withstand most outside factors that normally slow or halt growth. By speeding up the composting process it can cut your composting time down significantly. In the tequila industry in Mexico, has done miracles...
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