Job interview tips

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Job Interview Tips

• Smile
• Make the situation at eases
• Relax say “Hi how are you!”
• Talk about the weather (icebreaker)
• References could be reallyhelpful to attest your ability to learn quickly and perform well.
• We really like you how much money are you looking for? Do your home work and use the,,, Look for the salary calculators get the range for the position and find where you will fit based on the level ofexperienced.
• Don’t bring the word “salary at the beginning of the interview”
• Become the “SUPER-STAR” for this person first than you will be in a much better placeto negotiate your salary.
• First interview should be about do I picture myself in this company?
• If you want this job really be your best self and let themknow why you will be a fantastic fit.
• Sub-conscious communication: body language, eye contact
• What is the kind of person you’re looking for this job?

Tell meabout yourself

• Snap-Shut (two to three minutes) of who you are, and why you are the best candidate for this position. Talk about what you been doing to be thebest candidate for this position. Use one of two examples to back it up. Always point out to an example when you have the opportunity. Just tell me what makes youthe best.
• Listening to people, developed more effective techniques, improve manufacturing processes and procedures, lots of dedication and devotion. Professional,punctual, dependable,

The Second Most Important Interview Non-Verbal

• Eye contact

The Most Important Aspect of Successful Interviewing

• Passion
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