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Job Interview #1
I=A yes, good mourning Mrs. Perez. My name Is Rafael Otero. I’m the principal here at Julio Selles Sola School.
S=Good afternoon, Mr. Otero, It’s a pleasure to meet you.I=Please take a chair. Now I understand that you’re interested in the position of 2nd grade teacher.
S= Yes I am.

I= Ok now before I go on with some question please tell me about this study you did thatappeared on your resume.
S=Yes I did a study on how children learn how to read and write, which was an amazing experience Bu the way and also granted me some new ways on how to teach which I stilluse.
I= that’s great. Also I noticed you have plenty of years of experience and great comments from previous employers. Now I’m going to ask you some questions to learn more about your teachingskills.
S=yes, please go on.

I=Why did you decide to become a teacher?
S=I became a teacher because I always love that satisfaction you get from helping young minds. So I thought that this professionwas my key to helping them in a much broader aspect

I=What type of Philosophy do you use to teach?
S=As a teacher i use the pragmatic filosophy of education which i foment using my style andstrategies that involve learning by doing.

I=What are your greatest strengths when teaching ?
S=I would have to say it is my ability to connect with all sorts of students and the ability to teach themin a fun manner.

I=What is your biggest weakness when teaching?
S=Well I may be a bib demanding in my assignments especially if I now that the student can do better.

I=How do you handleclassroom discipline?
S=Well usually I simply call out the student in front of the class and make him sit in front of the class. If that does not work I sent him to the principal’s office and later contacthis parents.

I=How do you evaluate your own teaching performance?
S=I evaluate myself by noticing how my students do in a class. The better there doing implies that I’m doing a good job in...
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