Tips for a job interview

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When you are looking for a job one thing you have to do is an interview at the company, which is important because you have to make a good impression. Remember, the firstimpression is the most important. Thus, you have to be careful with the verbal communication and non verbal communication.
First, if you are nervous try to relax. You should research informationabout the company on its web page, magazines and asking the people is working there. Thus, they will see your interest and initiative. Besides, you have to know what you can offer: experience, skills andetcetera, namely, you ought to show your strengths, is important you show leadership. Think beforehand about the possible questions they can make, so you can answer quickly and easily, so you canpractice with a friend or yourself.
You have to arrive punctual, ten or fifteen minutes before it would be great. To be late before start working is not good for you. Something important too, is the wayyou are dressed, the men must wear suit and tie, and the women skirt, and they should not use too much accessories like chain or big earrings.
You don´t have to go with other person, friend orfamily, because that shows you are dependent and you don’t have initiative. Don’t answer the questions with a simple yes or not, always try to explain whenever possible. Remember, the interviewer wants toknow the most information about you as he can. Also, avoid chew gum during the interview that gives a bad image of you. Under no circumstances smoke, even the interviewer does and offers you acigarette, besides avoid smoke before, so that you smell like smoke. That is part of the image too. You should not tell jokes during the interview, which could show disinterestedness, because you have to beprofessional. You should not interrupt the interview answering the phone, because the interviewer will think the call is more important for you, so you must turn off your cell phone before start the...
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