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Insights on Romans: The Christian’s Constitution
Romans: Our Doctrinal Constitution SelectionS from romanS


The Heart of the Matter
The letter to the Romans is a premier document ofChristian truth. What the Constitution is to the United States — the foundational rule of law for the country — the letter to the Romans is to the Christian faith. Those of us who hope to grow deeplyin our understanding of God’s truth must ultimately anchor our minds in the letter to the Romans. So, as we approach this book for the first time in this series, let’s get a handle on some of itsbasic features and consider how we might apply its principles to our own relationships with Christ.

Tools for Digging Deeper

Discovering the Way
1. Five Questions: An Overview of RomansTo begin our study of Romans, we need to answer five fundamental questions.
Insights on Romans: The Christian’s Constitution, Volume 1
by Charles R. Swindoll CD series

2. Five Sections:Putting Romans Together When we see how Romans fits together as a whole, we can begin to get a sense of Paul’s overall aims in the letter.

Swindoll’s New Testament Insights: Insights on Romans
byCharles R. Swindoll hardcover book

Starting Your Journey
It’s important that we view Romans not only as a letter to the Roman church or as a doctrinal document but also as a relevant andpersonal letter to believers like us.

The Grace Awakening
by Charles R. Swindoll softcover book

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Insights on Romans: The Christian’s Constitution
Romans: Our Doctrinal Constitution...
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