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function key
any one of several "F" keys on the keyboard that performs a programmable input
Example: Most people have function keys on their keyboards, but only advanced users ever use them foranything.

Pr Scr ( print screen key )
a key which normally captures the current screen to the clipboard to be pasted into an imaging program
Example: Many graphic designers use the print screenkey to take screen shots of applications to be used in tutorials or brochures
'Pr Scr' or 'print screen key'

( tilde key )
this key serves a variety of uses, most notably in Unix systems to mark ahome folder
Example: The student learned that his home directory was 'home/~johndoe' ans his web directory was at ''

tab key
a key that, when pressed, movesthe insertion point to the next preset marker.
Example: The usability expert showed the office workers how to save time by using tab instead of the mouse.

Caps lock key
a key which when pressedwill toggle characters in upper or lower case
Example: Users leaving Caps Lock on is a frequent problem when logging into secure systems.

arrow keys
a set of four input buttons on a keypad orkeyboard often used for navigation in interfaces or applications.
Example: The girl used the arrow keys to move the space ship in the video game.

Pgup ( page up key )
a key which jumps the cursora preset amount of distance towards the top of a document
Example: The teacher told the students to hit the page up key several times to get to the top of the document.

^ ( caret key )
oftenused to denote rising another number to a power; also used in regular expressions to denote the starting point

# ( hash key )
this key is often used to comment out code or signify a number; in theUS this known as a pound sign or a number key
Example: Often you must press the hash key on a telephone when entering information into a telephone.

Pgdn ( page down key )
a key which jumps the...
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