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Marianna Meneses
Assignment #1:
Andrew Jackson presents African Americans are called to Defend New Orleans, a short historical event that led to the recruitment of African Americans into the U.S Military. In 1814 the military decided to open its doors to African Americans when it needed the service of more people, since African Americans were now declared “American.” Because they are nowAmerican, African Americans were told that they were called to defend our, their country. In return for their services the government had a nice and “mild” equitable plan. Brothers, sons, and fathers where called to the scene in order to rally more soldiers. Soon the military convinced the soldiers that their hometown had not wanted to even know of their existence. Soon the military turned everyoneinto awareness machines that were always going from one side to the other protecting themselves and their family. Every man on this team was given $120 and 160 acres. Even though they were new, the older group of soldiers also received their portion of land and money. Noble Men and innocent where once brainwashed into helping the American military, but thanks to the military doors where openedlittle by little.

Marianna Meneses
Assignment #2:
A Shawnee leader, Tecumesh wrote a short anecdote on his beliefs respecting the land, which his forefathers had once owned. The land was taken away from Tecumesh, from foreigners who destroyed the beauty of nature that once stood. In 1795, Governor Harrison came up with a treaty to take land away from the Indians. However, Tecumesh wanted to askthe governor to tear up that treaty, since he did not want to give away his land. He was sure that the only thing that the governor wanted to do is take away the land even though he said his purpose was to “unite” the tribes. Even though he supposedly had such a strong desire to “unite” the Indians he never assisted any of the peace councils. Tecumesh was smart enough to detect this evil plotagainst him, for the land early enough to do something about it. This land in America is well known by the Indians who once stepped foot on this soil. These people knew of the wars against tribes that used to fight for their peace of land, chiefs died and many other people died. For this reason Tecumesh decided it was unsafe to sell land to any other Americans. Just the way land is land, water is waterand one mostly never sees anyone buying an ocean instead of land. For this very reason I think that the chief has done a great job operating this mission, and most importantly for protecting his land.

Marianna Meneses
Assignment #3:
Martin L. K. Jr. wrote this speech with the purpose of stopping racism. In his speech he states that he has a dream, a dream which will make every person inthe United States of America, colored or white, old and young free and equal once again. Martin states in his speech that he knows the hardships and frustrations of these people, and hopes that one day despite of everything they will be able to live the American dream too. For many centuries African- Americans have been despised and made inferior to the white people, they have been beaten, sexuallyabused, and have been also starved. Martin L. is not the first man to know this, yet the public eye is too blind to see. So Martin a true hero to the American race, has spoken, and made us realize that we must never treat another human being like trash just because his skin color is different. Martin L. K. Jr. spoke of a dream, which consisted of freedom “ringing” in every village, hamlet, state,and city across the United States of America and throughout the world. Even though African- Americans were treated roughly Luther acknowledges the fact that his race wasn’t the only race that has been abused. He hopes that one every person in this world will be free of prejudice and wont be judge because of his religion, color, or sexual preference, one day he hopes everyone will be equal once...
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