La crisis del sistema educativo de pr

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Being an administrator and leader of any educational system means accepting that faces a complex organization. For years we have read and heard that the Education System of Puerto Rico is in crisis.We also heard that when talking of crisis, we talk about disruption, a characteristic that mainly describes the inability to address individual situations.
Education bases its principles on thepattern of thought and current values, therefore, when this model of society changes, causes an imbalance that if it is not handled efficiently, it creates instability, uncertainty and crisis that describethe Puerto Rican Educational System today.
Our newspapers and daily news are filled with articles that speak of the social problems that undoubtedly affect the stability of a country. Educationbecomes one of the most essential components for the development of a community. This provides the skills and knowledge for people to become better human beings. Consequently, its productivity andcreativity will be linked to a good educational base. However, this is not the picture presented to us in today’s education.
Constant and many serious situations occur in the Department of Education that iscertainly affecting the optimum performance of students. Strikes threats caused by the dissatisfaction of teachers, low academic performance on standardized tests and results of College Board,school desertion, mismanagement of state and federal funds, among others, are the daily news. When we see that in a year and a half three secretaries have been appointed, dozens of schools are close,teachers without contracts, damaged schools, teachers’ positions to be filled, no doubt, leads definitely to conclude that the system needs approaches and management strategies to ensure the continuedprogress in a much more efficient way.
In our educational system, students spend 6 hours a day, five days a week, or 30 hours at school for 38 weeks, 12 years of their lives, for a total of 13, 680...
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