La ley de la atraccion

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Writed by: Edgar Yadir Villamizar

The power of the mind

The law of attraction

The law of attraction refers to you can do anything, take anything and be the personthat you want to be. This law is unknown for many people, because they are afraid of think in great, however in the past some people knew about this law and they used it for their benefit for example:Aristóteles, Platón, Newton, Henry Ford, Alber Einstein, etc.

To apply this method you have to do seven steps. The first step is to ask a wish, but it has to feel on your heart and mind. You mustask for what it is that you want. The second step is to talk about your personal wish or believe in something. You must believe that what you are asking for truly will happen. The third step is toreceive, you must be prepared to receive what you ask for. The fourth step is to project your future on your mind or visualize it and you will experience it in real life. The fifth step is to showgratitude of all things that you have in your life for example: your job, your family, your health, your house, your car, your wife and your children. If you do this you can receive more in the future.The sixth step is to have a plan. You need to have an attraction plan and take action steps to attract what you want. And the last step is to be happy all the time, it means that you should be tocheer up and don’t think on negative events.

If you can really do these steps you can improve in the next life issues like:

Some people work all days and twelve hours in a job that they don’t like,for this reason they don’t do a good job and all the time they seem grouchy and sad, and after they arrived at their house to fight with their family spending valuable time.

Other people live alllife with their parents that they don’t love. They live on a lie. They are not happy and living fighting all the time. Their children are the most suffer of all family, besides in a short time...
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