La mujer en el romanticismo

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1. Comparatives
1 Pretty- Ugly
2 Fast- Slow
3 High – Low
4 Expensive – Cheap
5 Away – Near
2. Exercise page 98
a. The correct sentence
* 1- b. The Earth is hotter than mars* 2- b. Tea is more cheap than coffee
* 3- b. Driving is more dangerous than flying
* 4- a. Your English is worse than mine
* 5- b. It’s the cheaper restaurant in the city
* 6-a. What's the better time to visit
* 7- b. Would you like to do a parachute jump
* 8- a. I'd like to drive a Ferrari
* 9- b. You speak very slowly
* 10- b. She plays tennis very wellA -Adjectives and adverbs :
1. Quickly -Slow
2. Safe -Unsafe
3. Well -Wrong
4. Noisy -Silent
5.The best -The worst
b- The different words
1. Careful tall serious generous
2. Cold hot dry dangerous
3. Bigger hotter leader older
4. Friendly quietlydangerously carefully
5. Noisy crowded expensive safe

4. Exercise b page 99

Complete the questions

-Are - Do - Does - Did - Would - Is – Were- Do

1. What did you do last weekend2. How often you does sport or
3. Where do you like to go next summer
4. Did your town have many tourist sights
5. Would you like cooking
6. Do you going to goout tonight
7. What is the teacher wearing today
8. Where does is at ten o' clock last night

5 . Examples with do-does-are-did-was-were-would-is
1. Do you like fast food?2. Where do you live next year
3. How do you spell Erika
4. He does his homework in his room
5. I don't know what to do
1. Does your mother know you are here?
2.Does she know you are not at school?
3. Does your neighbor clean her garden?
4. Does the mailman know your address?
5. Does the teacher know you did not do the work?

1. I did...
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