La terminal (en ingles)

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The terminal trial

Victor Navorski is a Krakozhia citizen, this is an imaginary country. One day he landed in John F. Kennedy airport in New York. A coup d'état in his country implant a newregimen and for this reason he can´t go to his country and too his visa is canceled. He neither can´t go on to U.S.A.
Since this moment he had to survive with the things that he find in the terminal whilehe fight with the security airport man, who will do anything for can expel him. The Navorsky sympathy and decorum, doing of this story something so especial. His goalkeeper starts drawing when hemeets to the fly assistant, Amelia, which he fall in love passionately.

One of the most important things during this movie is the constant waiting for food and the friendship, in fact, Victor to getsa job is just for wining money, for buying food; we can see that Victor cares so much the friendship with the guy who works in the airport restaurant, why?, ´cause is one of the only ways which he canget food; too it can see how he to see a woman parking some cars she gets money, he propose himself to park every car that he find in the airport and for last too it can see how he wishes thatpancakes that he sees by the window of a candies store and since this moment he starts to search job in every store around the airport.
Change of topic we pass to the friendship topic, the friendship thatit development during the movie is a real friendship or false, it can see two sides, for example when Victor gets like friend to the Mexican man, but count for a lot it see a very good friendshipalso there was a interested friendship because the Mexican man searched that Victor will help him with the secretary and Victor searched that this friend will give him food, and for the other side it cansee he did not mean helping to the security airport man to

Resolve a problem count for a lot he had done him many bad things and too it can see a real friendship when he meets to Amelia and...
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