La ultima guinda

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School Centro Escolar Jardines
de San Bartolo
Vladimir Antonio Hernandez
Esmeralda Rivas
8ª “B”

They are Wisin y yandel . They are famous singers from Puerto Rico.

He is Michael Jordan and he used to be abasketball player. He is from United State.

She is Vivian Gonzales, she is a psicological doctor. She appear in caso cerrado`s show, she lives in UnitedStates.

He is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He used to be an actor, actualy he is a California`s mayor. He lives in United States.

He is dwayne-johnson or aseverybody call him “ La Roca”. He is a fighter and even an actor. He is lives in United States.
He is Will Smith and he is an actor. He is a singer too,he lives in United States.

He is Juan Alfredo Oropeza and is a famous chef. He appear in cook`s magazines. He lives in Mexico.He is Wassily Kandinsky. He was a painter. He lived in Russia

He is Sergio Garcia. He is a golf player. He lives in Spain.

He is Fernando Gonzalez.He is a tenis player. He lives in Chile

He is Pitbull. He is famous singer. He is Cubban but actualy he lives in United States.

She is BarbaraBermudo. She is a journalist. She lives in Puerto Rico.

He is David Pierre Guetta. He is a DJ. He lives in Francia.

He is Morgan Freeman. He is an actorand even he write movie`s dialog. He lives in United States.

She is Victoria Beckham. She is a model and fashion designer. She lives in England.
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