Lab report biologia

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Biology Lab Report

The Heart

Objectives: To learn and explore about the heart and relate it with the different circulatory systems.

Description of the problem: Identify in which type ofcirculatory system the heart studied belongs to through simple observation and using the information provided in class.

Hypothesis: The heart investigated belongs to a double looped and completelydivided circulatory system.

dissection forceps
dissecting scissors
latex gloves
scientific gown

Some of these materials have serious danger of injurydue to the fact that they are sharps so the correctly measures of security and caution should be taken.

Procedure: 1. See the heart make observations on it and make speculations.2. State a hypothesis according to the observations.
3. Cut and learn more about the heart in order to the affirmation formulated in theprevious step
4. Make an analysis
5. Make the conclusions.

Presentation and analysis of the results: The first thing noticed in the heartwas its shape and size, it seemed to be of an evolved circulatory system, like the double looped system. The second observation was the presence of a right and left atria(chambers of space in whichblood enters the heart,as opposed to the ventricle,where it is pushed out of the organ), what reaffirmed the last conclusion. After the first incision I was able to see the septum (which divides theheart into right and left sides) showing the division of two ventricles,(chambers that collect and expel blood received from an atrium towards the peripheral beds within the body and lungs) particularcharacteristic of a completely divided circulatory system.

Conclusions: The heart investigated was an organ that belongs to a double looped and completely divided circulatory system because its...
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