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I. Nobody knows what they have until they lose it.

A. Learn to take care of what we have.
1. Sometimes you have things people don’t and want.
2. When you know you have something you don’t take care of it.
3. Letting go and then realize how much it costs.

B. Live every second like it was the last one.
1. Enjoy every little moment of our lives
2. We never know whatcomes next.
3. Not everything would be good in life but everything has a solution.

C. Having something or someone.
1. Nothing is forever
2. Everything has a beginning
3. There is always an ending.

D. Responsible for our actions
1. Nobody is perfect
2. We all make mistakes
3. If we fall we have to stand up again
4. We learn from our own mistakes for usto try not to do them again.

II. Everything happens for a reason.

A. Mistakes.
1. Some things are remarkable in our lives
2. Live with them, as soon time passes we’ll give thanks because we all learn from our mistakes.
B. In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double.
1. Every problem has its solution
2. Don’t take thing too seriousbecause it may affect you.
3. Let your problems be yours, not everyone’s.

III. Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be all right.

A. Lost.
1. You’ve lost it all…
2. But never give up…

B. Al mal tiempo, buena cara.
1. Don’t demonstrate others your fear.
2. You never know who wants to see you like that
3. Try to solve your problemsby your own, if you need from someone there is always someone in your family, in my case my mom and sisters.

Nobody knows what they have until they lose it.

Every person has different thoughts and has different points of view, we are all unique. I’m sure that this has happened to everyone in some point of our lives, we don’t think things before doing them and that’s a problem. Forexample when we have something or someone and we don’t appreciate them. We must learn to take care of what we have because one day we might not have that again and we’ll miss it later on. At the end we realize how much that cost and the worst of all is that when we try to fix things it might be too late.

Sometimes we have things that we don’t appreciate and other persons would like and love to have.Most of us don’t see a lot of things for example I do believe in miracles but I don’t notice when they happen. But then when you start to think, you’ll see that those tiny, little things are the most important things that saved you from any danger or problem. It’s ironic because when some persons are not taking care of something or someone others are trying so hard to get it. This is general someof us don’t take care of so many things for example family, friends, health, education, and money.

While some persons don’t appreciate their mother, father, siblings others might not have one. The ones who fight with their friends because of stupid things and truly you never know what might happen tomorrow. While some persons are throwing food just because they don’t like it, some poor personsneed to eat and they do anything for them not to die of hunger. Education, many children would like to study but they can’t because of the money and while that happens. Other people waste their money in things that are not worth it, so we have to take care of what we have even if it looks not important but it is, the problem is that we don’t see the importance of things until we lose them andthen we realize how much they cost. Then you realize that what you had you might not have it again.

I know a story that is about a girl, she was called Ashley.
She is 16 years old and very intelligent but the problem is that she is very rebel obviously she has a reason for being like that, her parents are divorced and she have her two little sisters. Their mom lives apart in other house....
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