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We commit ourselves to providing high level education that will enable the student to widen their knowledge and to develop their communication skills. Through languages we give our students the tools which are required to compete in their different professional fields, in that way we make sure that they will become part of the active population of thisglobalized world.


We give our teachers the ideal place to work because we offer them a job position which is a rewarding experience, for they do what they love most: teach and at the same time share and learn through daily experience with students.


We commit ourselves to give the chance for our students to study in a campus with a proper environment that combinesstudies with exciting activities in order to recreate a space to learn and relax at the same time.

We offer our employees the perfect atmosphere to work. Our Institute is a place where each of us can be ourselves, no matter the job position we have. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard.

Our vision at DVM Instituteis to be a place that makes a significant social and economic contribution to the local region, at the mean time to build a national reputation for our work and achieving international recognition for our specialist areas of languages.


This strategic plan will include the following areas:

• Brand image and Advertising
• Projects
• Technology and Information• Mergers and Team working
• Law
• Investment

Brand Image and Advertising
We have recently developed an education method which gives the students and the teachers the chance to learn and teach at the same time. For us the learning process is not only the acknowledgement of a new language is realizing that through them you can reach new horizons while you apply everything that youhave learned to your life. Our institute is a place where the parents, students and teachers work in a happy environment with results. These issues have helped us to be become recognized to have the highest education level. Our name is a synonym of success.

DVM Language Institute has a website which is used to send invitation to join us to many students all over the country and Latin America. Wealso have publicity on television and radio.

In the next five years we will expect to have 2500 students on regular courses and 1000 students in intensive courses. All of this took place thanks to all the advertising invest that we did.


Our DVM Language Institute is involved in two projects: The first project is to implement student academic exchange in countries like: U.S.A,France, Italy and China in order to brush up and develop languages skills that the students have learned. It is also an excellent opportunity to gain cultural knowledge and meet new people.
The second projects is for high grades students, they can apply for a scholarship program, to be part of this program students need at least 80% of the grade on regular course, and 90% on intensive course.

By2023, we hope that a high percent of our students will be on the international academic exchange program. Many students are going to be able to make use of scholarship program for that year, so in this way they will have the skills to practice what they have learned at DVM Institute.

Technology and Information

To offer an excellent educational level we have already bought equipment forlaboratory. We work with a software to teach any language named “Rosetta stone” which works with a visual and audio learning system.

DVM offers distant language learning using the Rosetta stone software, guide books and the help and support website. DVM Institute will grade the students of this program through the website by virtual exams

We use music as a teaching method where students...
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