Las inteligencias multiples

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In the past the parents used to have more than 6 children now days the parents just want to have two or three that is not really used to, this just can happen if the second child is not just one andthey have twins, although it also depends of the family´s cultural and economic level because in Colombia now the less money you have the more children you want!
One kind of family that in Colombiais totally popular is the one that just have the mother as a head of the family for so many reasons like the men now days don’t want to have any responsibilities, domestic problems etc that’s why ifyou ask how is the Colombian woman everyone is going to answer that is a warrior
Talking about the time that the children leave home is when they are 28 years old, this is the time when they hadcompleted all their studies high school, university, post graduate etc because actually the people in Colombia when they have money are so lazy and just leave home when they want but if not they have tostart to work really young and pay all their studies but in Colombia you can start to work when you are 15 but it is just a part time job when you are over 18 you are allow to have a full time job butlike everything this right is totally ignored you can see on the street thousands of children between 5 to 18 years old working and asking for money because there is not another way to live. Talkingabout university in Colombia the 90 % of the people chose their own carrier the other 10 just have very old parents
In my country now days is totally important have a fluently English if you wantto have a good job. That’s why people go abroad to study this language because there are few schools that have really good teachers and those ones are the most expensive in Colombia so for the peoplewith economics problems have a god job in Colombia is something that is not likely to happen because in Colombia to get a job you have to have fluently English, money and a friend in the government,...
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