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Gustavo Moncada
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Helena Roubina
Barras Bravas “violent passion”
In the following essay aims to show the origin and as the phenomenon of "bars" was born in our continent and howit came to our country. Phenomenon that is becoming harder for opponents and people which the "Barrismo" is your lifestyle. Although Colombia is "Barrismo” is relatively new has had remarkablegrowth, this being a common theme among young people and people who are in a rather complex topic to discuss. But in this essay I don´t intend to show the things shown on television that are almost alwaysbad, because it is undisputed that they exist -I want to show the other side of "Barrismo" the creative side and deep love for their cause, this cause is his beloved team
The term "Barra Brava" inLatin America is used to designate organized groups of fans who typically produce several violent incidents inside and outside the stadium, singing and fireworks display used during the development ofmatches. The name came from the Argentine newspaper “La Razon”, after the violent act in which a young cop named Mario Linker, in the 60.
The Latin American countries with more tradition in "Barrismos”is Argentina and so it has been the most violent. It is known that many of the Argentine dictatorship sought support in the "Barras Bravas" to secure victories. This shows that since this group ofpeople always had political power but is unknown. The "Barrismo" is a phenomenon that exists more among young, but in countries like Argentina and Chile is total noted in people of any age, This isbecause in almost all Latin America the "Barrismo" was extended in the 90's, while in Argentina and Chile there since the 60.
Incidents between “Barras” were becoming more common in these countries,economic losses are incalculable, but governments do not help because the lack of opportunities for youth and inequality in cities help this violence grows. For these and many other reasons we cannot...
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