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|General |the students will use the first conditional to talk about |TOPIC |First conditionals |
|Objective |their likelysituations and their results | | |
| ||DATE |August 28th , 2009 |
|Student profile |Intermediate level of English |number ofstudents |13 |
|Teacher’s name |Aaron Alejandro Eudave Rodriguez |skills |Grammar and speaking|
|Assumptions |Ss. know: if clause, simple present, past perfect, simple future and simple past. |
|Possible Problems|The students might get confused with the other three types of conditionals, and the might’ve forgotten about the “if clause”. |
|Advanced solutions |Give many examples andactivities using the first form conditional to avoid confusion, and give a brief explanation of the if clause in |
| |case the students don’t know how to use it|
|2 |Warm up |blackboard |The students will feel relaxed,|| | | |and involve themselves in the |
| |...
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