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DATE: December 9, 2011
TO: Mr. Mario Cornejo Eng
VIA: Mr.
RE: Bond to Sale & Trade Transaction.
Participation in Sctrcutured Private Financial Oppportunity of:TWO (2) PIECE OF MEXICAN BEARER BOND “……………………”TITLED DEUDA CONSOLIDADA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS 5%
Dear Sir,
I, …………………………, bearing USA PassportNo. ……………………… the undersigned, (hereinafter referred to as the “SELLER”), hereby with full, personal and legal responsibility under penalty of perjury of law, represent, warrant and attest that:
I,the undersigned, have full legal title, rights, interest, control and authority to commit and sell the Bond(s) and have chosen to do so of my own free will and sole decision without any solicitation orinfluence from any party to this transaction.
I, the undersigned, principal party involved in this transaction do not have any other party working with or authorized to work with these fundsallocated for above-mentioned reference code, nor have any other parties been authorized to transact on the Bond(s). Further I attest that I have sent Cease & Desist Notices to any other intermediaries orgroups that have had access to our paperwork in the past.
I, the undersigned, herewith grant Buyer, full exclusive right as our sole agent for the period of the contract to transact on the sale of theBond(s).
I, the undersigned, understand, and I am fully aware that this transaction may be registered with a major world bank and/or the Federal Reserve and the submitted private and confidentialpaperwork will be forwarded for the sole purpose of establishing necessary dossier due diligence and clearance for this transaction.
I, the undersigned understand and acknowledge that the Buyer willcomplete this transaction on the face value representations and documentation presented, including authenticity of the Bond(s) and that any misrepresentation may be considered criminal bank fraud....
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