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Reproduction :

Heredity? The passing of traits from parents to offsprings

Asexual reproduction? Production of offspring bye a single parent

Gene? Sections of dna that control thesubstances the cell makes

Sexual reproduction? Reproduction by two parents

Egg cell? Sex cell of female

Sperm cell? Sex cell of male

Meiosis? The procces of cell dividing

Fertilization? Thejoining of male and female cell in sexual reproduction

Selective breeding? The process of selection a few organisms with desired traits

1. during fertilization sperm cell joins with egg cell2. the process of selcting a few organisms is call selective breading
3. an organisms uses asexual reproduction to make offspings by themselves
4. sex cells are created bye a process callmeiosis
5. a male sex cells is calles sperm cell
6. offsprings receive DNA from two parents through genes
7. the passing of traits from parents to offspring is called heredity
8. anegg cell is a female sex cell
9. chromosones are divided into two sections of dna calles genes

Body system

Neuron? Nerve cell that passes messagesImpulse? A message that travels acrros the neuron

Gland?an organ in the endocrine system that produce a chemical

Hormone? A substance released by an endocrine gland that controls some bodyfunctions

Enzyme? A chemical that helps break down food

Alveoli? Tiny sacks in the lungs

Pathogen? Organisms that cause desease

Antibody? Chemicals produced by a whiteblod cell

1. a nerve cell is also called neuron
2. a chemical released by endocrine gland are called hormones
3. gland is an organ that producded a chemical
4. oxygen enters the bloodin tiny sacs called alveoli
5. a message in nerve cell is called impulse
6. a enzyme is a chemical that breaks dow food
7. a chemical that destroys a specific kind of phatogen is called antybody...
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