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Best Retail Brands

Founded in 1974, Interbrand is one of the world’s largest branding consultancies. With nearly 40 offices in 26 countries, Interbrand’s combination of rigorous strategy, analytics and world-class design enables it to assist clients in creating and managing brand value effectively across all touchpoints in all market dynamics. Interbrand is widely recognized for its BestGlobal Brands report, the definitive guide to the world’s most valuable brands, as well as its Best Global Green Brands report which identifies the gap between customer perception and a brand’s performance relative to sustainability. It is also known for having created, an international online exchange and resource about brand marketing and branding. For more information onInterbrand, visit

For more than 30 years we have been creating retail brand experiences for companies around the world. Interbrand Design Forum’s talent for game-changing innovation spurred us to create a business model that integrates analytics-based strategy into what began as a design and architecture group — the first and only company with such a comprehensive offering. Ourbroad range of services includes: retail design, brand strategy, shopper sciences, packaging, digital, documentation and rollout. This unique ability to address retail’s growing complexity has led many of the world’s top companies to our doorstep and propelled Interbrand Design Forum to the forefront of the industry. For more information, visit

Images on thefront cover and throughout this report are intended solely to represent brands on the Best Retail Brands list, but may not represent the brands’ actual app icons.



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By Jez Frampton

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Era of Infinite Competition

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Most Valuable U.S. Retail Brands

Most Valuable U.K. Retail Brands

Most Valuable FrenchRetail Brands

Most Valuable German Retail Brands

Most Valuable Spanish Retail Brands

Most Valuable Asia Pacific Retail Brands

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BEST RETAIL BRANDS 2012 by Interbrand


Let’s Not Forget the Store: Why Brick and Mortar Still Matters in a Multichannel World

Humans are socialcreatures hungry for experience. As much as we love to research products via QR codes, engage with friends and retailers via our Facebook pages, and collect music in our cloud libraries, it is all too easy to forget that there’s still a special place in our lives for the retail store. Stores are where we learn what’s new, find inspiration, and see other purchase choices we may not have found online.That’s why the brick and mortar store still remains an essential point of access for the retail brand. Its role may have changed, but as this year’s Best Retail Brands demonstrates its relevance to the brand remains the same. Brick and mortar is where every dimension of the brand comes alive for us to see, feel, smell, touch, taste, and hear. The store does what technology cannot — allows usthe full usage of our senses. And when the retailer embraces digital in the experience, it provides an anchor in a shifting, multichannel world. Indeed, even as digital retail leaders like L’Occitane, Asda, Uniqlo, and Mango continue to bolster their digital experiences, they have not lost sight of the importance of the brick and mortar store, devoting just as much time to getting the details ofthe living brand experience right within the store as they do to their digital channels. In the case of L’Occitane, this means a service-oriented approach and an emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming ambiance, which is orchestrated down to the scent that is discreetly used in each store. Similarly, Asda’s digital efforts were matched by its significant efforts to create a consistent in-store...
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