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INSTRUCTIONS: Watch the video and answer the following questions:

1. What type of family is this programdescribing?
a) Two-income family
b) Extended family
c) Nuclear family

2. In your own words, make a brief description of the family.
__The members in this family are thebrothers, sisters, the parents and the___ grandsons.________________________________________________________Everybody help and support them with any problem that they cold have.__________________________________________________________________

3. Write the names of the characters and what part they play in the family.
__Sarah, Tommy, Kevin, Kitty, Justin, Nora andWilliam.__________________
__The only moment when they play is in the pool when Kitty came back to home and only play Justin with the Sarah’s little daughters and his “girlfriend”.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Who is your favorite character? Describe him / her.
__Sarah because she is the bigger sister,she’s so committed with her dad’s business and, despite being a busy woman, she try to be a good housewife.__

5. Which character did you not like? Describe him / her.
__Justine because is a boywithout responsibilities and can’t understand why his dad didn’t leave him anything of money in the testament when he died.____
_______________________________________________________________6. How is the Walker´s family similar or different to yours?
___Similar, because my family is extended too and all my family is involved with the problems of the other family, sometimes is sohard when some family has a problem that he or she doesn’t want the other know about it and, many times, the family is a little gossip and this cans generate problems or maybe it does...
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